Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Update on Stepmom -- What happen last night & today!

Well, most of you know by now my stepmom has had to have 3 tumors removed from her throat/thyroid area. Well, last night I was talking with my dad and he said that he had to take my stepmom to the doctor's today because her throat area on her neck was swelling up. And it looked like there was blood filling up in there. She tried to take a picture and send it to me. I hope I can get it posted on here.. Well, it post above instead of down here. LOL! But anyway you can see what I am talking about. Well, she went to the doctor today and he said that this is normal because it is the only place the blood can go is down there. I am WHAT how is that? I just don't understand it. She has to go back on Friday or one day this next week. I can't remember what may dad told me today. The reason I was not remembering is because there has been so much going on here today. Sorry picture is not that great but thought I would show you what she sent to me.

My uncle had to go the VA for his renal and diabetes check up. They have changed him all up on his medicines again and so now I have to help him out more with that and we have to record his readings for his diabetes again. This is so much a pain in the butt sometimes. He just turned 61 yrs old and he lives with us and I have to help him out with his medicines because if not he will not either take them or he will take too much. He did that once last week and we had to call the ambulance on him because his blood sugar dropped and went below 40. Where it is suppose to be at least 90 or 120. So, they had to give him a lot of candy, juice and gel sugar and it still only brought it back up to 72. He was like almost into a coma state. So, we have to keep an eye on him at all times. I think he maybe getting Dementia or Alzheimer's. I don't know but that is what I think is going to be happening. His mother had Dementia and was getting Alzheimer's herself before she passed away. So, it could be but I will watch him and take care of him the best that me and my mom know how too.
Well, I guess I will go for now and get ready to spend a little time with my hubby for a change after he gets out of the shower. He stinks so bad that I made he get into the shower because he has been working on cars all day and stinks like grease and oils. Thanks again for taking the time to read and I will talk to you soon. God bless and many hugs, support, prayers and lots of love, KAT :OD


Bethe said...

Hi Kat~nurse Bethe here. When they do surgery the doc's can't keep all the little blood vessels from bleeding. They will heal, but the blood pools. And if your Mom sitd up the blood goes downward. If she were to lay on her back the blood ould pool there. Can't e helped and the tissues will eventually absorbed the blood. Now if there happens to be a lump where the blood has pooled later. No worries. Someitmes the hematoma calcifies. It eventually absorbs also.

Yes, Blood sugars are supppose to be 80-125. Usually diabetics are 100-150. "A little sweet" becasue when that Blood sugar gets low the brain doesn't have enough glucose to keep the brain working properly. That is why he is so out of it when the BS get low. I hope this doesn't happen too often

Anyhoo, that's enough medical talk. Hugssss....

Emmi said...

stopping in to give ya some love. ((((KAT))))

Juli said...

ohh my goodness.. I will keep you and your family in my prayers..I hope all goes well for you.. I stopped by to post and to give you my link.. I have a tag journal fot tag offers.. had it through aol and changed over to blogger..will post offers there.. good luck with you and family.. I will chaeck back! Hugs... Juli


PurpleKatz said...

Thanks everyone about all this I really do need it. Take care and I think I replied to each one of you separately and I am sorry I didn't email me at Purplekatzlady@aol.com if I didn't. Thanks a million. Many hugs and lots of love, KAT :OD