Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Today has been a very weird day all the way around!

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Well, today has been a very weird day today. There has been so much SADNESS going on in the world and in my life. I can't believe how much has been going on in this life. What is the world coming too I ask everyday.

I was watching Oprah today and seen the most saddest thing I have ever seen. It was called 99 Balloons. You can watch it here... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=th6Njr-qkq0 and it is so sad and you will need a lot of tissues for watching this 6 minute video.

Today on Oprah was about young kids who inspire. It was so sad and even Oprah and Celine were in tears over this video too. It is so amazing how much little children go through and they suffer so much before they are even an adult. This just makes my life feel so not important and makes me feel like a fool because they go through so much and yet they can't say how much pain they have to go through. It makes my pain feel so little.

I still can't believe what happen to Jennifer Hudson's Nephew Julian King. That is totally saddens me so much and just to think about so many other little children who get killed over evil adults that they feel they need to take a life. It is horrible and I just can't understand why so many have to die so young. If it is not one it is 100 and this will keep going on and on in our lives because we can't do anything to prevent it from happening.

Well, I guess this is all for me now I will be back in a few to update on my Stepmom she has something that come up last night and had to go to the doctor today. Well, take care and talk to you soon. God bless and many hugs, support, prayers and lots of love, KAT :OD


Emmi said...

It's so sad to hear about this innocent child.

PurpleKatz said...

It is really sad and I can't believe it. Thanks so much! Many hugs, KAT :OD