Thursday, October 23, 2008

No News yet from Dad about Stepmother

Well, I have not heard anything as of yet from my Dad. I have tried to call him on his cellphone but with no luck in getting him. Hopefully he will call me soon as I am getting really worried here. They were suppose to be done at 1pm and here it is 2:51pm eastern time here. So, I am really worried now but than again it could have been set behind because of like her last surgery was running behind. So, maybe that is what is going on.

I just wanted to send out a little something to let you all know that I really do appreciate all the love, support, prayers and thoughtfulness that has been coming to me from you all at LiLA!!! It really means the world to me to know how much you all actually do care about me and my family!!

As soon as I hear anything else I will let you all know. Thanks again for everything. Take care and talk to you soon. God bless and much love, support, prayers, and hugs, KAT :OD

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