Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Today is a sad day for me & my family!

Tag made by Roxy aka Shelly (Thanks for this beautiful tag!)

Today is a sad day because 1 yr today is the day that my best friend passed on to Heaven to be with God. She was only 37 yrs old when she passed away. Her name was Belinda Fulmer and we had been friends online for over 10 yrs and we lived miles away from each other. Yet it seemed like sisters and that we had known each other for eternity. But yet we had never seen each other in our whole time we known each other we still stay very close and talked almost everyday until she got really bad off.

So, today out of the blue I got a call from her husband. He was really upset and need someone to talk too because he don't really have many friends and his family is all gone except for his stepmother and he don't get to see her that much. So, we talked for over an hour and we cried and than we laughed about all the good times we had with Belinda.

Than I found out today too that my stepmother is going to have to go and have surgery tomorrow 10/23/08 on removal of 3 tumors in her throat / thyroid area. They don't know if they are cancerous or not but they are going in to remove them. She has just gotten done from having surgery on her foot where they have to repair it that had a hole in there and they had to pack it with bone marrow. Than they had to remove the tumor in it as well. Thank goodness it was not cancerous at all. She is still healing from it and had gotten an infection from that and just got off the antibiotics like less than 2 weeks ago and now is having to go into surgery on this other tomorrow. I really have been feeling bad about this surgery and don't know why.

So, as you can tell today has been really one of those days and it don't look like it is going to get any better because I am still in a lot of pain from where I popped my bad leg's knee out and have not been able to bare any weight on it for the past 3 days. I don't know what is going on with here lately. I am only 34 yrs old and feel like I am a 134 yrs old. LOL!

Well, I will let you go for now and talk to you soon again! Love you always and forever everyone!! Live today to its fullest because you never know what tomorrow will bring.
God bless and many hugs, KAT


Joyce said...

I'm psyched Kat. I am the first follower and the first commenter. Yay!!!! I'm sorry for all the sadness today. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. As for the name of your blog...It's kinda like mine.
Hugs, Joyce

PurpleKatz said...

Thank you so much Joyce I really do appreciate you being the first. This is too NEW to me and I am very scared at this but I am going to give it a try. LOL! Thanks so much for being my very 1st Person to follow me and for making a comment that was totally nice of you. I can't wait to do more of this. LOL! I may have to ask about how to add tags and etc on here. LOL! Take care and have a great and blessed day! Many hugs, KAT :OD

Dannelle said...

It is only right that Joyce fond you first, her being "older" than me! (lol Joyce, just ribbing) I am absolutely thrilled that you did it! Sad about your friend and step mom, but that's the point here. Good , bad, sad or just plain everyday, we are here as friends and it's a good place to let it all out! Love you (((((HUGS)))))Dannelle

PurpleKatz said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful words Dannelle!! That means alot to me and I know that this is where I am going to be posting alot of stuff too I am sure. If just remember that I have it. LOL! I want to be able to show my work too. But I don't know how to do that yet. LOL! Well, you young ladies are going to have to teach me all this. I am not tech savvy when it comes to websites/blogs and etc. LOL! Thanks again for everything. Take care and talk to you soon. Many hugs, KAT :OD

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

Whoo hoo, Kat! Welcome to the Blogger world. LOL...I still can't get used to calling them blogs. I'm used to AOL journals. Anyway, you are going to love it. It's so nice to make an entry and have all kinds of support.

My very first online friend died last October from leukemia. I still miss her soooo much.

I will keep your family in my prayers. BIG HUGS Chris

PurpleKatz said...

Thanks so much Chris!!! I am sorry to hear about your friend too. I know it is really hard losing someone. I lost my grandmother over 6 yrs ago and I cry about her still today. It is just when I remember her or just thinking about her when I would want to go and call her. Well, thank you for joining and hopefully I will not bore you all too much with my boring life. LOL! Thanks again for everything and I never got to have an AOL Journal so I can just say Blogging and it is going to be weird for me. LOL! Thanks again and take care and you be good and keep creating those beautiful tags I seen. Many hugs, KAT :OD

bookncoffee said...

I am sorry about your friend and hope your knee gets better. I hope that the places in your step mother's throat is NOT cancer. Maybe tomorrow will be a much simpler day. Big hugs.
Graphic buddy, Sonya

PurpleKatz said...

Thanks so much Sonya!! I hope tomorrow will be a better day for me too but I know it will not because I will be worrying until I know about my stepmother. I know I shouldn't be close to her but I am very close. Thanks again about my knee I have been taking Tylenol but it is not helping. I know I need something more powerful but I am totally homebound and can't get to a doctor which I need to get a new one because my doctor up and left town without telling me. So, I have not seen a doctor in over a year. So, I have to live with the pain as much as I can. Take care and thank you for letting me join and for joining me on this adventure. LOL! Take care and talk to you soon. See you on LiLA. Many hugs, KAT :OD

Miss Slick One said...

yay, Kat, you're here!

I am so sorry about your buddy Belinda. I lost a dear friend when we were 15 or so and it has never left me that she is really gone. Treasure those awesomely, fun, stupid-time memories :) I wish we'd had more.

Much love,

Missie said...

I'm here! You know me in our psp group as melsa68. I only use that for psp. Check me out when you have some time.

Sharon said...

Kat welcome to "the Spot"...we're a friendly bunch and we're mostly like family too. You'll enjoy your stay.
Hugs, Sharon

Bethe said...

Yahooo! Welcome to your new online diary. You are in our little town of AOL refugee's. Lots of fun and suport here. It's really good place for your worries and woes, too. hugs, Bethe

PurpleKatz said...

Thank you all very much to have welcomed me to this site. This is all new to me as I didn't even do the AOL Journal. So, bare with me on all this. It is really new and it is a learning experience for me. You all take care and thanks again for all the support!!! God bless and many hugs and love, KAT :OD