Saturday, October 25, 2008

Just a little Chat today - Cuz in a lot of Pain!

Well, I am sorry I have not been online much today but I have been under the weather because one it is pouring outside. I can't believe how hard it is raining and than it started to lightning and thunder. My poor dogs are so scared of thunder and lightning. LOL! Do you all have any dogs that are like that?

Well, No news on my stepmom today except my dad said she is sleeping and is hurting in the throat pretty bad but that is I am taking from what she ate for dinner last night. But my dad is telling me that the doctor didn't give her an pain meds to come home with so that maybe one of the reasons as well. So she is just sleeping most of the day and I have not talked to her personally since the other night when she was in the hospital. I just don't understand why my dad would take and get her Chinese Food last night for dinner and she got the hardest food that you can get which was Shrimp Fried Rice and Fried Chicken Wings. It just don't make NO sense at all.

What have you all been doing today? Nothing for me but laying back on the sofa most of the day because of the pain I have been in with my legs and knees. My hubby changed my wrapping on my bad leg last night and when he did he hurt my knee even more. It wasn't his fault though when he went to lift my leg up it just popped again. He didn't do anything but lift it up.

I am really happy that my leg is healing up pretty good since I had the open wounds on it so hopefully that will be able to take the bandages and wrap off it soon but I am very doubtful because whenever I do it just breaks back open everytime within a week. My skin on my legs are too sensitive and very weak so they just break back open everytime. Oh if you don't know I have what is called "PRIMARY LYMPHEDEMA" in both of my legs. It is where you lymph nodes are no longer working and they hold in the lymphatic fluid in my legs and they swell up. I am not sure what the correct term it is but that is what I know off hand without looking it up on the computer. LOL!

Maybe someday I will be brave enough and show you all my legs and what I have to go through it is not a very pretty picture at all. But that is something I have to decide if I want to share on the blog. LOL!
Also, if you all didn't see what I make yesterday on the LiLA group on AOL I will set it up on here so if you want to have it you can snag it or I can tag it for you. I will do that on the next post I do for here tonight. OK! I am sorry I didn't do a post last night but I got too involved in making that Blinkie Mania Tag for Halloween and it has a Mummy on it. I did make one that is non animated as well. Maybe I will put both of them on there for you all.

My hubby just called me from work and he said that he has gotten so WET from all the RAIN we have had all day. He is a Valet Driver for the local Slot place we have. He makes only $8 an hour and tips but the tips can range from $20 to $200 a day which he has not seen anything over $100 in a long time per day. Yesterday because he went to the funeral and all of his Co-Worker he only brought home with him was $20. And he worked a 6 hours shift compared to his 10 hours he usually works everyday.

Well, he was telling me that the Funeral he went to yesterday was really weird and different compared to the ones he normally goes too. He said there was NO Body, NO Pictures and NO Flowers. There was a priest, people who talked about his co-worker and than the family and all. But he said it was totally different and it went really fast. You should see the Memorial Card they are suppose to get it is no bigger than a half of a post card in size and than it is only a little something on one side and than a picture on the front and that is it. I don't know if they cremated him or what it was really strange. LOL!

Well, I guess I will go for now but I hope everyone has been having a great and blessed day. Hopefully your Sunday will be better than your Saturday or I hope it is for me and everyone here in Delaware.

Got a question for you all how come I have so much trouble with this blog doing what I want it to do? I either get double or triple spaces between paragraphs or I can't get my pictures to work. It is just one thing after another. Do you all have all these blog issues as well? Please help me on this. Maybe I am doing something wrong. Well, I guess I am going to go and sorry my picture is not animated it is suppose to be a picture of RAIN but that is not working. LOL! Take care and talk to you all soon. Much love, support, prayers and love, KAT :OD


Joyce said...

That funeral does sound odd. My dad requested that no one see him dead so we had a closed coffin for his funeral - but he was there.
We are all still learning about Blogspot. Eventually it will all fall into place with practice.
Hugs, Joyce

PurpleKatz said...

Thanks so much Joyce!! Yeah I am still learning myself and I know I will be here learning for a while. LOL! Trial and error so to speak. LOL! Well, thank you for everything and hope you have a great and blessed day!! God bless and many hugs, KAT :OD