Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's Me & I'm back but not sure for how long...

Well, I am sorry I have not been around much but hubby had off for his vacation from work from Feb. 3 thru Feb. 13. So during this time we all have been packing because we thought we were going to have to be out by the 6th of Feb. But luckily enough we didn't have to get out by than. But we do have most of the stuff packed up and in a Mobile Storage POD.

SO, during this time that we have been packing and getting stuff ready we got visited by a Local TV station to talk about foreclosures on homes but I was really disappointed at the angle they went with the story and we only got to talk like maybe 20 seconds at the most and it was nothing really what I said or what I wanted to be said. But least to say we were on TV.

Than during this time while Rob was on vacation we were visited by a Realtor for the mortgage company. He was really nice and very pleasant to talk too. He is going to try to help us get as much time as he can with staying here because he seen that there are several people here that are disabled and really unable to get out that fast. The main one is me. So, he said he is going to see what he can do for us and is suppose to contact us this coming week sometime. So, keep us in your prayers that they are not going to force us out and all because if so I am going to fight them until they get an eviction notice on me to get out.

Also, while Rob was on vacation I had a very severe nose bleed. This was one of many that I have been having lately. But this one was the WORST of them all. My nose bleed for over 1 hour and it was coming out so fast and out both nostrils that I was getting choked feeling because it was backing into my throat. I tried everything from ice packs, the silver knife in the middle of your back and to pinching your nose off and tilting it back. Nothing worked at all and I went through 1 whole roll of toilet paper, 2 bath wash clothes, and 2 ice packs. And it finally stopped after 1 hour of bleeding. I was really scared and my mom and Rob thought that they were going to have to call the ambulance because it was not stopping. After that happen I got really weak and had severe pains in my head afterwards. My real dad said that it is good that I bleed because I could have had a stroke or heart attack.

So, what else has been going on. LOL! There has been so much. My real dad and his girlfriedn(Wife) are having a hard time and fighting and I think she is trying to push my dad away from her. See she has a brain tumor and is not all there and thinks my dad is no good at times and goes through these spells and all. So, I don't know what my dad is going to do next. I don't know if he is going to stay with her or if he is going to leave so he has been hanging around my house a lot lately. Matter of fact he just left again for the 2nd time today. He was here early this morning for over 3 hours and than he left to go to a friend's house to help him out and than he come back by here and was here for another hour or so and just now leaving here at 5:35p eastern time. LOL!

Rob is finally back to work and I am missing him because I really do enjoy having him around me because he helps me out so much and can keep me calm when I get upset or mad or what have you. He can always cheer me up when I am down. I just wish we had so much money we didn't have to have him work. Because it would be so nice to have him home all the time. But I know that will NEVER happen in my life time. LOL!

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day yesterday. My mom and stepfather got me a purple plush bear (little) & a box of chocolate candy (which I didn't need) but that was so nice of them. I was not expecting it and I just started crying and crying. I have a very soft heart and emotions right now. I was upset because I was not able to get them anything in return. SO, Rob went to Walmart and got some Mix Candy Bears and I split them up with my mom, stepfather and uncle and did them a good bag up for Valentine's Day and I made Homemade cards as well with Pink Ribbon I had here. It was cute but it was the thought that counts I guess. I didn't have much money to get everyone something separate so I just did it that way. It cost Rob maybe $5 for all three but at least it was from my heart. Rob got me a Teddy Bear that has the year on the foot from Walmart and that was really sweet. He always does that every year. I didn't get to get him anything at all but I did up a bag of candy and card for him so that is what I got him but actually he bought it. But it was from my heart though.

Well, I guess I will let you all go for now and thanks for taking the time to read all this and appreciate all the wonderful comments and thoughts on everything so please keep them coming in and please by all means email me at anytime you want. I will try to get to you as soon as I can okay. Take care and talk to you all soon. God bless and many hugs and love, KAT :OD

Monday, February 2, 2009

Poem - Had to share! Enjoy Sent to me by a Friend online! Thanks!!

Carry me through today, Lord,
With Your gentle wings from above.

Carry me through today, Lord,
Let me feel Your love.

I shall not worry about tomorrow,
Yesterday is gone.

Just carry me through today, Lord,
That's where I belong.

Through all my trials and troubles,

I know that You are there;
Sometimes it's hard to see You
Through each tear and care.

Carry me through today, Lord,
Don't let me slip away.

Tomorrow may be taken from me,
So carry me through today.

Written by ~ Margaret Wildflower

Can't believe it and very Upset over it

I can't believe that we are having to pack everything up. My mom and boyfriend (hubby) are having to pack everything up because I am very depressed and emotional and at this point really don't care what happens because of having to move.

I just can't believe we lost the home. It is not all our fault and it is alot on the mortgage company too. If they would have just communicated to us about everything we would be able to stay here. It is not right and there are so many mixed emotions going through my mind and head right now.

I am sorry to keep talking about it all the time but I just don't have anyone to talk to and explain what is going on with me. It is hurting me so badly. Last night me and Rob (Hubby) got into a fight because I asked him when he got done eating if he could go and make the bed. I told him I was not feeling well and was in a lot of pain and started to cry and said I was very depressed as well. Than he yelled back at me and said "Well you don't have to take everything out on me" and I was like what the heck did I do? I was so dumb founded. Like what did I do or what did I say by just asking him if he could go and make the bed up. See he has to help me to the room being I am handicapped and can't walk all that well.

So, he did do it but than when we got into the room I asked him what that was all about and he said he is sorry that he took me wrong. I was like I am not the one you need to be taking this out on because I am here for you. So, he did apologize and give me a hug and kiss and all but still it is the point of it. I didn't say anything wrong and he has been doing this alot lately.

I know everyone is hurting and having so many different emotions and all. I understand that. It is really hard on me and my mom the most because we both are emotional people and cry over everything.

The walls are starting to look bare and I can't believe it. What am I going to do??? I am just so upset and I don't want to go and I just want to stay. What can I do to still stay? Does anyone have any answers for me????

Well, they have a POD coming tomorrow if we don't get a foot of snow. No but we are suppose to get at least 4 inches of snow tomorrow and I don't know if they will deliver the POD than or not. They are suppose to be here sometime between 3pm and 5pm tomorrow. So, I don't know. We are getting one of them 16 foot PODS.

That is another reason why I am so upset because I had to call and set that up today. Most of the stuff I have to do because my stepfather is really sick and can't stay awake anymore and my mom is trying all she can do to pack up everything and try to do what she can do without her back giving out on her. She has a very bad back which has over 6 herniated discs. I don't know what I would do without her she is my EVERYTHING. She is the one that helps us out with cooking and most the cleaning when my hubby (ROB) is not here.

Well, I know this is enough about what is going on in my life but I just had to talk to you all because I just don't have any friends to call or contact and vent a little on and don't have any friends here locally at all.

Well, I guess I better go for now and get ready for bed. I am hurting really bad I was going to the bathroom this evening and my knee gave out and popped out on me and now I can't walk even more. So, I am going to have to take some Tylenol (cheap kind from Walmart) and get some sleep if I can. Which I know I will not because of the pain and stress level I am under this evening.

Thank you all for listening and reading if I can I will get on tomorrow if I can but I don't know. I will keep you all posted.

We still have not heard anymore on if my step-grandfather is going to be able to help us out with this place outside of town. We are waiting to see if he can get the approval so keep your fingers crossed for that or keep them crossed for good news on staying here where we are at now.

Please if anyone has any advice I am all ears and eyes and would love to hear some feedback from you all. Thanks again for everything and look forward to talking with you all again soon. Take care and many hugs, lots of love and many prayers, KAT :OD

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Yippeee Steelers Won!!!

WOW my uncle is so happy the STEELERS WON the SUPER BOWL!!!!! By only 4 points. It was a very good game and it was a very close game. I know my uncle is so happy.

If you are a Steeler fan congrats to you and your team!!!!

If you are a Cardinals fan Congrats on a good game and you put your best foot forward. But I am sorry you had to lose to Steelers.

It was a great game and I can't believe I actually watched it all the way through and I am not one into the football either.

Well, take care and talk to you soon and thanks for reading!!!

Talk to you more tomorrow going to get ready for bed now that the game is over and boyfriend (Hubby) is home from work. He is sick so we are going to go to bed now. OK! Take care and many hugs to everyone. Love, KAT :OD

A Warm Day In Delaware!

Hello and Good Afternoon/Early Evening to Everyone!

Sorry I have not been online much but as you have been reading on my posts I am trying to find a way to save my home but that is not looking any good at all. So, we have been looking for a place to go. As of Feb. 6th, 2009 we are suppose to be out I guess of the home we lost but we still have not found any place to go and we are hoping they will extend it to another 30 days. We have yet gotten an eviction notice from the sheriff so we will see what goes on.

No one has been in touch with us in over a week and we have tried to call them and they are just giving us another run around about everything. I was transferred to like 5 different people the other day just to get told that we have to look the place up at and see what the price is on there. We looked it up but as of right now it is saying starting bid is $211,000 and the house is not even worth that much and I don't think it would even appraise at that because it is over 22 yrs old and it is only on a little over 1 acre and it only has 2 bedrooms and 1 bath. We do have a upstairs but we use it as an attic because the stairs are not all that great and no one can walk up there and the upstairs rooms are unfinished anyway. So, we just use them for storage. I don't know what else to do and I have been in touch with everyone.

I did some research as you all know on Litton Loan Servicing and I posted the links on what they have been doing to people and it is not right. I wish there was a lawyer out there that would take on Litton and get them to get their stuff in order and stop playing with everyone's lives and their homes and etc. It is not right and very immoral to me. You can't even get sick or have a spouse pass away without them trying to take your home.

Well, enough about all that because it brings me down when I talk about that. Today I have not been feeling well because of all the stress I am under. I don't know if I was having a heart attack or a very severe panic attack but I took an aspirin and a xanax I had from when I was able to go to the doctor that I saved up and it calm me down finally. But than again it is really warm here today like in the 60's and I just can't believe how warm it is. Tomorrow and Tuesday we are suppose to be getting colder and maybe even possiblity of snow on the way yet again.

So did you all get any snow from last week? We finally got some snow and I loved it but the bad thing about it that it didn't last that long. LOL!

Well, I am going to get ready and go for now and I will see if I can come back later and talk some more got to potty and my mom is getting dinner done and getting ready to eat.

If you all watch the Super Bowl tonight ... Good luck on the team of your choosing. I am voting for the Steelers because that is my uncle's team that lives with us. So, GOOOOOO STEELERS!!!!!!!

Take care and talk to you all soon. God bless and many hugs, love, and prayers, KAT :OD