Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Warm Day In Delaware!

Hello and Good Afternoon/Early Evening to Everyone!

Sorry I have not been online much but as you have been reading on my posts I am trying to find a way to save my home but that is not looking any good at all. So, we have been looking for a place to go. As of Feb. 6th, 2009 we are suppose to be out I guess of the home we lost but we still have not found any place to go and we are hoping they will extend it to another 30 days. We have yet gotten an eviction notice from the sheriff so we will see what goes on.

No one has been in touch with us in over a week and we have tried to call them and they are just giving us another run around about everything. I was transferred to like 5 different people the other day just to get told that we have to look the place up at and see what the price is on there. We looked it up but as of right now it is saying starting bid is $211,000 and the house is not even worth that much and I don't think it would even appraise at that because it is over 22 yrs old and it is only on a little over 1 acre and it only has 2 bedrooms and 1 bath. We do have a upstairs but we use it as an attic because the stairs are not all that great and no one can walk up there and the upstairs rooms are unfinished anyway. So, we just use them for storage. I don't know what else to do and I have been in touch with everyone.

I did some research as you all know on Litton Loan Servicing and I posted the links on what they have been doing to people and it is not right. I wish there was a lawyer out there that would take on Litton and get them to get their stuff in order and stop playing with everyone's lives and their homes and etc. It is not right and very immoral to me. You can't even get sick or have a spouse pass away without them trying to take your home.

Well, enough about all that because it brings me down when I talk about that. Today I have not been feeling well because of all the stress I am under. I don't know if I was having a heart attack or a very severe panic attack but I took an aspirin and a xanax I had from when I was able to go to the doctor that I saved up and it calm me down finally. But than again it is really warm here today like in the 60's and I just can't believe how warm it is. Tomorrow and Tuesday we are suppose to be getting colder and maybe even possiblity of snow on the way yet again.

So did you all get any snow from last week? We finally got some snow and I loved it but the bad thing about it that it didn't last that long. LOL!

Well, I am going to get ready and go for now and I will see if I can come back later and talk some more got to potty and my mom is getting dinner done and getting ready to eat.

If you all watch the Super Bowl tonight ... Good luck on the team of your choosing. I am voting for the Steelers because that is my uncle's team that lives with us. So, GOOOOOO STEELERS!!!!!!!

Take care and talk to you all soon. God bless and many hugs, love, and prayers, KAT :OD


Missie said...

I feel so bad you and your family have to go thru this this. I wouldn't worry about getting out until you get a formal eviction notice.

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Sorry to hear you and your family have to go threw that.

PurpleKatz said...

Thanks so much for everything!!! I really do appreciate all the comments and support everyone has been giving to me. God bless you all forever!! Many hugs and love, KAT :OD