Thursday, January 15, 2009

Yet Another Day in Delaware

Well, I am still here but not know how or why. I am just getting depresser by the day. I have tried everything I can do to find another home that will accommodate us all to even trying to save the home we are all ready in. It is totally hard when you don't have a lot of money and no credit to get anything.

Today is another day and everyone is still giving me lots of run arounds.

A friend of mine did a search on the Internet to see what type of bank/mortgage company Litton Loan Servicing really are and boy did she find some really bad stuff on them. If you ever want to look it up go to and type in either Litton Loan Servicing in Houston, TX or Complaints Litton Loan Servicing or even Litton Loan Servicing and see what you find out.

Here are just a few of the links that I got sent to me about all this...
(You can look or you don't have to look at all just thought I would share with everyone about how bad this company is.)

Consumer Affairs

Class Action Suit Against Litton Loan Servicing

Ripoff Report

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Complaints Board

Well, we are still waiting to hear from the Attorney's but I know we will not so we are going to call them back tomorrow as it will be the 3 business day but I know they will give us another run around because they really don't want to talk to us anyway. We are still in touch with Mr. Allan Angel with Levy Court even though he is not in our district he is still trying to help us out as much as he can do. I was reading today that I could have tried to get a H4H if Litton would have told us about that. It is called H4H (Hope 4 Homeownership) it is a new program President Bush put into effect back in October 2008. I have to read up on it more in detail to see if we could have been able to do it but I just thought I would let others know if you have hard times look into it because it is good until 2011. Go to and you will be able to click on Hope for Homeowners I think that is the link I clicked on. Or you maybe able to go to too and find stuff. I have been doing a lot of research as I didn't know we would even be considered for HUD or FHA if we were at a Conventional Loan. So, I have been doing as much research as I can and so don't hold all this to be true for everyone as I am not totally sure but it is worth looking into if you come into trouble.

I want to say "THANK YOU" to everyone that has helped me out and for just listening and reading my post. You all mean so much to me and I hope that my outcome will come out of this really well, but who knows what tomorrow will bring to us all.

I want to let you all know that foremost IMPORTANCE in my life right now is SAVING my home or getting a home that will Accommodate everyone and their disabilities including mine. That is not working right now but I am still going to keep the faith and just stay positive and focused in all I am doing.

I know my HEALTH should be the most important thing right now but it isn't because if I was to worry about that I would be back in the hospital fighting for my life. The pictures I posted are OLDER pictures from when I had MRSA (Staph Resistant Infection). It is NO where never as bad as that and I am trying to make sure that it doesn't get that way. The only way I can do that is to be positive and think happy thoughts and try not to get over STRESSED or UPSET but right now that is not going in my direction but I am trying and that is all I can do right now.

Thank you all again for all your advice, prayers, thoughts, love and support. I truly really do appreciate everything from the bottom of my heart. You all are the best and look forward to talk with you all again soon. Thanks for everything and hope you have a very blessed day and hopefully I will be able to getting back into designing sometime soon after all this so I can show off my work. Take care and talk to you soon. God Bless Everyone!! Much love, support, prayers, and hugs, KAT :OD


Anonymous said...

Good luck to you sweetie, I hope & pray that everything will turn around for your family soon.

Bethe said...

Hi sweetie. I'm so sorry. I'm having troubles, too. And from what I am reading tons of others also.

I have a favor to ask. I am unable to afford the glasses my Dr says I need. Could you increase the size of the print on your Blogger? Just a request. I'm sure other people have larger screens & have no problem,...but not I. It's OK if you don't care to and like your Blog the way it is. I'll still be here for ya. You know that : )


Heather said...

I'm praying for you and your family that you find some way to either save your home or find somewhere to go. What a scary thing to go through, it's bad enough that you have to worry about your health issues without this new worry of where you are going to live. Hugs to you.

PurpleKatz said...

Hello & Good Evening All!

Thank you so much for the wonderful comments and I will post my postings bigger for you Bethe. I am sorry!!

Thanks again for all the wonderful support and appreciate all the prayers and thoughts. It means alot to me to know that so many do care even though I feel like my world is coming down on me.

Take care and hope you will keep reading my posts as soon as I get them posted. Thanks again and take care and talk to you all soon. God bless, many hugs and lots of love, KAT :OD