Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's Me & I'm back but not sure for how long...

Well, I am sorry I have not been around much but hubby had off for his vacation from work from Feb. 3 thru Feb. 13. So during this time we all have been packing because we thought we were going to have to be out by the 6th of Feb. But luckily enough we didn't have to get out by than. But we do have most of the stuff packed up and in a Mobile Storage POD.

SO, during this time that we have been packing and getting stuff ready we got visited by a Local TV station to talk about foreclosures on homes but I was really disappointed at the angle they went with the story and we only got to talk like maybe 20 seconds at the most and it was nothing really what I said or what I wanted to be said. But least to say we were on TV.

Than during this time while Rob was on vacation we were visited by a Realtor for the mortgage company. He was really nice and very pleasant to talk too. He is going to try to help us get as much time as he can with staying here because he seen that there are several people here that are disabled and really unable to get out that fast. The main one is me. So, he said he is going to see what he can do for us and is suppose to contact us this coming week sometime. So, keep us in your prayers that they are not going to force us out and all because if so I am going to fight them until they get an eviction notice on me to get out.

Also, while Rob was on vacation I had a very severe nose bleed. This was one of many that I have been having lately. But this one was the WORST of them all. My nose bleed for over 1 hour and it was coming out so fast and out both nostrils that I was getting choked feeling because it was backing into my throat. I tried everything from ice packs, the silver knife in the middle of your back and to pinching your nose off and tilting it back. Nothing worked at all and I went through 1 whole roll of toilet paper, 2 bath wash clothes, and 2 ice packs. And it finally stopped after 1 hour of bleeding. I was really scared and my mom and Rob thought that they were going to have to call the ambulance because it was not stopping. After that happen I got really weak and had severe pains in my head afterwards. My real dad said that it is good that I bleed because I could have had a stroke or heart attack.

So, what else has been going on. LOL! There has been so much. My real dad and his girlfriedn(Wife) are having a hard time and fighting and I think she is trying to push my dad away from her. See she has a brain tumor and is not all there and thinks my dad is no good at times and goes through these spells and all. So, I don't know what my dad is going to do next. I don't know if he is going to stay with her or if he is going to leave so he has been hanging around my house a lot lately. Matter of fact he just left again for the 2nd time today. He was here early this morning for over 3 hours and than he left to go to a friend's house to help him out and than he come back by here and was here for another hour or so and just now leaving here at 5:35p eastern time. LOL!

Rob is finally back to work and I am missing him because I really do enjoy having him around me because he helps me out so much and can keep me calm when I get upset or mad or what have you. He can always cheer me up when I am down. I just wish we had so much money we didn't have to have him work. Because it would be so nice to have him home all the time. But I know that will NEVER happen in my life time. LOL!

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day yesterday. My mom and stepfather got me a purple plush bear (little) & a box of chocolate candy (which I didn't need) but that was so nice of them. I was not expecting it and I just started crying and crying. I have a very soft heart and emotions right now. I was upset because I was not able to get them anything in return. SO, Rob went to Walmart and got some Mix Candy Bears and I split them up with my mom, stepfather and uncle and did them a good bag up for Valentine's Day and I made Homemade cards as well with Pink Ribbon I had here. It was cute but it was the thought that counts I guess. I didn't have much money to get everyone something separate so I just did it that way. It cost Rob maybe $5 for all three but at least it was from my heart. Rob got me a Teddy Bear that has the year on the foot from Walmart and that was really sweet. He always does that every year. I didn't get to get him anything at all but I did up a bag of candy and card for him so that is what I got him but actually he bought it. But it was from my heart though.

Well, I guess I will let you all go for now and thanks for taking the time to read all this and appreciate all the wonderful comments and thoughts on everything so please keep them coming in and please by all means email me at anytime you want. I will try to get to you as soon as I can okay. Take care and talk to you all soon. God bless and many hugs and love, KAT :OD


Sonya said...

Hope things turn out ok and I am sorry that you (and your Dad) are going thru so much. Take care.

Anonymous said...

i hope you guys can stay in our house! I think the gifts you gave were perfect. I made cards for my kids, and they didnt think it was because we didnt have money, its because they know I like to make them! It IS the thought that counts!

If my hubby were home every single day of my life, I would go crazy. And we really love each other, but you need some space!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why your nose was bleeding but that sounds odd that it wouldnt stop. Are you on blood thinners? That might be why if thats what happened. A few years ago when I was on blood thinners I cut my hand, barely and it bled for half an hour! It was just the blood thinners.

Amy Williams said...


I saw this on CNN last week, I think you really need to read this.

DOBBS: Seething anger tonight at the federal government's utter failure to help homeowners in danger of losing their homes, even as the government is spending literally trillions of dollars to help out banks, investment companies. There were more than three million foreclosure filings last year, a million people foreclosed upon. Now, one lawmaker, Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur says it's time for homeowners to fight back, exercising squatter's rights.

Drew Griffin, of our Special Investigations Unit, with the report.


DREW GRIFFIN, CNN SPECIAL INVESTIGATION UNIT CORRESPONDENT (voice over): The notices came to her home in April. Andrea Guice's bank foreclosed on her, behind in payments, out of work, a husband sick, she had nowhere to go.

So she decided to follow the advice of her Congresswoman, and go nowhere. Guice is part of a new movement in the Housing crisis, squatters.

(on camera) For lack of a better term, you're kind of squatting in this house, aren't you?


GRIFFIN: Last resort?

GUICE: Last resort, yes. GRIFFIN (voice over): More than 4,000 properties were foreclosed on in Toledo's Lucas County last year. This year, it could be worse. There's a county clerk whose full-time job is typing up and sending out foreclosure notices.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Tomorrow morning this will be mailed out.

GRIFFIN: Elected officials are saying Toledo is not in a recession, it is a depression. It is this bleak backdrop that inspired Toledo Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur to take the floor of the House earlier this month to tell her constituents to stay put.

REP. MARCY KAPTUR, (D) OHIO: So I say to the American people, you be squatters in your own homes; don't you leave.

GRIFFIN: Kaptur says she has had it with government bailouts for Wall Street banks, but nothing for homeowners. She is advocating for a legal revolution, a demand that not one of her constituents leaves their home without an attorney and a fight.

(on camera) Even if they've been foreclosed on, don't leave?

KAPTUR: If they've had no legal representation of a high quality, I tell them stay in their homes.

GRIFFIN (voice over): Kaptur is behind a strategy called produced the note. Mortgages have been so divvied up on Wall Street that banks are having a hard time finding that original paperwork, adding a delay to foreclosures.

She is also pushing banks to rework loans, especially those banks getting bailouts and holding mortgages of folks getting tossed out.

KAPTUR: They are vultures. They prey on our property assets. And I guess the reason I'm so adamant on this is because I know property law and its power to protect the individual home owner. And I believe that 99.9 percent of our people have not had good legal representation in this.

GRIFFIN: Without a lawyer, Andrea Guice bought a $147,000 home with nearly $40,000 down.

GUICE: I should have had an attorney. I really should have had the attorney. I did not know.

GRIFFIN: She admits she didn't read the paperwork, didn't learn, until it was too late, she had a sub-prime loan. Her payments of $883 a month jumped in a year to more than $1,500. When it did, she stopped paying.

(on camera) So they foreclosed on you?

GUICE: They have foreclosed on me, yes.

GRIFFIN (voice over): The law firm representing the bank in Guice's foreclosure declined comment to CNN. Another one of the banks Guice believes holds her notes, Wells Fargo, said it wouldn't comment on individual cases, but tries to work with homeowners.

Backed by her Congresswoman, Guice simply is not budging.


GRIFFIN: Lou, no one's saying, "don't pay your mortgage." What the Congresswoman is saying if you're being foreclosed on, don't just leave. Don't assume you have to leave your house. And you're going to have a run, I know.

And I think what she'll you is, look, we bailed out the banks, but part of that bailout was to help the homeowners, the counselors, the lawyers. Well, in Toledo, Ohio, where are they? Lou.

DOBBS: Indeed, a question across the country that is being asked. Drew, to get it straight, Miss Guice paid how much for that house?

GRIFFIN: I couldn't believe it either, Lou. It was $147,000 house. I saw the paperwork. She put down nearly $40,000.

DOBBS: Just about 30 percent.

GRIFFIN: There's no reason she needed to be in this sub-prime. She admits she got hood winked.

DOBBS: And Wells Fargo is the mortgage holder?

GRIFFIN: Is the end-run mortgage holder, right. Not the person that wrote up the loan, as you know.

DOBBS: Right.

GRIFFIN: This loan was written up by a broker and sold probably ten times.

DOBBS: Well, we should -- you know, the fact is that the mortgage brokers, the people who are involved in this, should be being prosecuted in point of fact. Let me be very -- just arch about this, if I may -- they deserve to be prosecuted, because this is unfair.

I would hope Wells Fargo would have the decency, the honesty, the integrity and the national -- a sense of national obligation to straighten this out. It is not adequate, Wells Fargo, for you to say you don't talk about individual cases, because that's all we've got in this country are individual cases, people.

Drew thank you very much.

GRIFFIN: Thank you, Lou.

DOBBS: Drew Griffin, outstanding reporting.

Joining me now is Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur. You just saw her in Drew Griffin's report. Congresswoman, let me say to you, if I may, with all objectivity that I can muster, the fairness and balance, God bless you for taking this position. Because it's about time one of our elected representatives has the guts to say what you've said.

KAPTUR: Well, thank you, Lou, very much. You know, 10 percent of our properties have been foreclosed here in the last two years. And our community is not unique. And what has become very clear is that even though we were promised that the Wall Street bailout was primarily to address this home foreclosure crisis, it hasn't made a bit of difference.

DOBBS: But what I have to ask you now is that Congress has had the opportunity, the Democrats have been in charge of that Congress for two years. We have seen the Republican administration for eight years give corporate America a free hand.

We have seen both the Clinton administration and the Bush administration push back regulation. When are we going to see action by this Congress to relieve, to help the homeowner and take urgent, immediate action because this is not in any way -- anything less than a tragedy?

KAPTUR: It's a national crisis. And it is the proximate cause of this economic downturn; the housing foreclosure crisis. I did everything I could when Congress reconvened this year to urge the President, our Speaker, our leadership to move the FDIC and the SEC into their proper position in this economy to do these workouts.

And that has not been done. And this week we had to pass a stimulus bill in the House to try to pick up some of the casualties and give them a little life support. But the real problem is, that the FDIC and the SEC have been superseded by the U.S. Treasury Department, --

DOBBS: Right.

KAPTUR: -- which has no history in workouts. And that's the problem. They're using the wrong agency to resolve this crisis.

DOBBS: And Sheila Bair, the Chair of the FDIC, we've got to give great credit. She has been talking about this issue --


DOBBS: -- throughout. She has been sensitive and forthright about the issue. You know, I guess the issue here also becomes, we are a nation of laws. At what point does telling a person, as you have, to just exercise squatter's rights -- at what point are you bumping up against the issue of breaking the law?

KAPTUR: Well, you know, Lou, the problem is that these families haven't had proper legal representation. Most of these companies on Wall Street can't even find the loan, and they have not properly noticed the homeowner under the Truth and Lending Act and the Real Estate Practices Act. DOBBS: Right.

KAPTUR: If you really look at the fine print, these Wall Street firms can't find the loan. They've divided it up into so many pieces, so there's a legitimate question in the law as to where that deed, where that loan actually is.

DOBBS: In point of fact, it's not -- to be clear, if there's no note, there is no debt?

KAPTUR: That's right.

And if you don't have proper legal representation -- and I mean good legal representation -- what happens to the homeowner in places like our region is, they're law abiding people. They're afraid and they leave the property.

I say your biggest right is to hold on to your property. The law is on your side.

DOBBS: Marcy Kaptur, I'm sure that millions of Americans and the folks in Ohio appreciate you being on their side.

KAPTUR: Thank you.

DOBBS: Marcy Kaptur, thank you very much, Congresswoman from Ohio.

KAPTUR: Thank you.

Amy Williams said...

Here is a link to that CNN report

Joyce said...

Lot's of prayers are going up for you Kat. Hang in there Sweetie.
Hugs, Joyce