Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm Still ALIVE from Delaware!!!!!

WOW lets see I can't believe its been since July 2009 since I have posted anything at all. I am TOTALLY SORRY everyone!!!!

It has been a long drawn out process of getting moved into a NEW HOUSE, going through so much with my uncle and my parents and with hubby.

I didn't realize until yesterday (Sunday, March 8, 2010) just how much and how long it has been since I been on the blog and wrote anything. If it was not for a reader named Deb that Googled my name just to find my phone number and all and called me on the phone to see how I was doing I would have NEVER probably come back online for a while. I really NEVER thought someone would actually look me up and call me to find out just how I was doing because I have not had time to write on my blog. LOL! It really touched my heart more than ANYONE will every know or I can explain.

*****DEB*****You know who you are .... Thanks a million to for having such a BIG HEART and caring so much to take that EXTRA MILE to put your feelings out there and calling on me to just to see how I was doing. That truly touched me more than I can ever EXPRESS in a Million years.

WOW I am totally amazed at life in general. What have I been doing since July 2009 are probably asking. Lets see if I can make this into a short story and NOT a long book LOL!!!!

We finally got moved into a NEW place in Sept. 2009. After 7 months of going around with the NEW Mortgage company that we bought our NEW place with we finally finalized the settlement on the new place on January 2010.

Lets see my uncle whom still lives with us has had to go on Dialysis for his kidneys and he has been going down hill since they started that. He has lost 50 lbs in less than 6 months of starting the dialysis and his blood sugar & insulin levels have been going up and down so much. He has been so ill and in and out of the hospital so much that he just feels like giving up on life in GENERAL and we all try to help him to not give up. He can't hardly walk anymore and is going to have to start to use a walker because he has nerve damage from the diabetes in his left leg where they took the vein out of that leg when he had open heart back in 2006 I think that is when he had it. He had a 5 artery bypass than and they took veins from that leg to do the bypass. So he is NOT well at all and NEEDS so many prayers. His name is George. Please if you can pray for him everyday. I love him so much like my own father and I wish I could just take all the pain away from him.

Rob (hubby) has been sick off and on with bronchitis and pneumonia and has been diagnosed with starting of COPD and hopefully the inhalers he is on will help him and that the NEW meds they put him on for his anxieties and bipolar and smoking will help him to over come everything and will stop the COPD from getting any worse. He was born early in life and he had bad lungs from the start but his family still let him to begin to smoke early in life and I just pray every day that he can get the strength to go on and be able to stop smoking and that way he will be able to have a healthier and better life with me and my family.

Mom & Stepfather are doing okay but they have their good days and bad days but that is expected in life. My mom's back is bothering her but she don't care she keeps going on and on and taking care of everyone but herself. She is always taking care of her brother(Uncle George) and always taking care of my stepfather and me when Rob is not able to be here with me.

My real father and my stepmother are NO Longer together as of the first of January 2010. I just don't think my dad can handle any illnesses and all and I think that is why he left but he said it was other things but I know better. Will not get into that as of right now as that is a long story in itself LOL!

My grandma and her new husband are now living with us on our NEW Property as we have over 4.5 acres and if it was not for them we would not have the NEW property. I am very thankful for them and they are going to be living in their own home on the property but they are going to be helping me and my stepfather out to get better with our health's. We are going on a life change with our weights and eating habits. It is totally HARD but we have to do something because I want to LIVE and NOT DIE.

I am finally not depressed as much as I was before and I am very THANKFUL for everything I have each and everyday. I am very thankful for all my FRIENDS I have online and my family that is there supporting me in town here. I don't but 1 friend locally and I don't get to see him at all much and I thought he was a big brother to me but he is too busy with his life and so all I have is my ONLINE life and friends and family on there. LOL!!!

Thank you all again for taking the time to read all this and I will be posting some pictures of the NEW places one day this week and I would like to post some pics of all the SNOW we got this year WOW I can't believe how much SNOW we did get. LOL! SO much so fast and stayed so long LOL!

Well, take care and talk to you all again!!!! Thanks again DEB this post is for YOU!!!! God bless and many hugs and lots of love, KAT :D

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Joyce said...

Kat...I just got around to reading your entry. I can't tell you how happy I was to hear you got a place and are settled in. Thank the Lord that is all behind you. I was also glad to hear that you were working on your weight. I know how hard that is as I can't seem to get motivated to get my eating under control. You can be my inspiration OK? lol. I've missed you Kat. Hope you decide to come back to LilA soon. The group has grown a lot and it's been really good. I'm on hold right now because of computer problems and I'm moving to another apartment soon. I hope to be back by the first week in April.
Love and hugs, Joyce