Saturday, June 27, 2009

Just sitting home on a Saturday Night (BORED)

Hello and Good Evening Everyone! How is everyone doing? I hope fine!

Well, there has been some really sad stuff happening in the news lately. I just can't believe that Michael Jackson is dead at only 50 yrs old. He was my idol back in the day when I was growing up. I have his Thriller Album and several books of him when I was younger and I still have them. I even had his Off The Wall Album as well. But everything is packed up right now.

Than we have Farrah Fawcett who passed away as well. It is unbelievable that they passed away only a few hours from each other. It is remarkable and very weird.

What has been going on in my life lately? Well, it is just boring like normal. Very painful like normal as well. My leg is getting worse with the pain. I just don't know what is causing it. I don't eat or drink anything that has caffeine in it. I try to stay away from anything that has Citric Acid in it because I have gout too. So, I don't know why or what is causing this pain. It is from my lower back to my foot on my right side. My leg isn't swelled up so that is a plus but it still hurts really bad. Even just to get up to walk to the bathroom is killing me so much.

My birthday was on Monday, June 22 and I just turned 35 yrs old. I can't believe it. It was not a good day at all. Rob had to work until after 8pm and than my real dad and his ex girlfriend/Stepmom (whom he lives with) showed up and they started a fight and only stayed for 1 hour and that was it. I can't believe that they can't come around without starting anymore. He only stayed here for Father's Day only 2 hours and normally he stays longer but he didn't. That is what started the fight with my stepmom and him. Because my dad told her I didn't want her here for Father's Day and that was not it. He said he didn't want her here because she starts all the time. And it was his day and he didn't want her to be here. So, I said to him it was up to him if he wanted to bring her and all but we did have enough for her to come for dinner. So, that started it and my mom still sent her a plate for dinner and than all heck went off. So, than on my birthday the next day after Father's Day they come over and brought their drama over here and I just didn't want that on my special day. So, my dad decided to leave. No one got me a gift for my birthday. They all give me money. I didn't get much as they all didn't have much this year. The only thing I got which was my very EARLY gift from Rob and that was a BlackBerry Storm because he had to update phones in May and he got it for only $100 because we had to upgrade and they had a special. That is a kewl gift. I try to use it as much as I can. LOL! I am learning it and learning it as I am not familiar with it too much this is the first type of phone I have had that had all these features. LOL!

Other than that everything else has been boring and lonely and depressing lately. I just haven't been in a very good mood. I just don't know maybe it is because we are having to move. We did get Pre-Approved for up to $120,000 but we are trying to see if we can get someone else on the mortgage to see if we can get a little bit more for the place that we have found. So, keep your fingers crossed for us.

Well, I guess I will let you all go for now and I will try to get back on later or tomorrow okay. Take care and know that I am thinking about all of you all the time. Talk to you soon. Many hugs and lots of love, KAT :OD


Anonymous said...

hey woman, glad to hear from ya. Well I have some advice, stop eating any sugar completely. This will help your pain, I promise.

My oldest daughter was born with a condition called Klippel Trenaunay syndrome which is basically a condition where you ahve a big birthmark that covers a limb, and some overgrowth of this limb. Also there is some varicose veins problems with the limb sometimes. We joined a support group and one of the first things they taught us was to eliminate sugar at the first sign of pain. Sugar will increase pain. And I dont mean just sugar like whats in soda or donuts, I mean certain foods become sugar once you eat them, like white flour and rice, and potatoes, bread, pancakes, etc.

So, if you have any pain issues, stop eating or drinking sugar because this can only make pain worse.

I'm really sad about MJ and Farrah as well, its such a bizarre grouping, MJ Farrah and Ed McMahon! I dont think we will ever forget it. Michael was a musical genius and its sad he had become so weird in recent years. I blame it on his childhood you know?
I hope you feel better soon sweetie, I really worry about you sometimes and have always prayed that you and yours will have a new beginning and be able to overcome all your problems.


Missie said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

PurpleKatz said...

Thanks so much Everyone!! I really do appreciate it. many hugs and love, KAT