Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another Bummed Out Day in Delaware!!!

I am very upset and down and out yet again today.

First off last night I didn't sleep well because I was up all night with muscle cramps in both my legs. They were so severe that I fell out of the bed trying to get them to stop cramping up. I am taking Potassium pills and Vitamin E everyday. I am eating vegetables and very light salt here and there but I am still getting the leg cramps. Well, that started my day off.

Than my stepfather was calling and calling me on the phone all morning wanting me to get up. Well, I didn't feel good because of being up all night so I didn't want to get up but he kept calling me. So, finally I got up at around 1pm today. I know I am so bad but what can you do if you don't get to sleep after 5am in the morning with all the cramps.

Anyway, when I got up I heard the phone ringing this morning but I just let it go to the answering machine well, because I did the lady that was trying to help us to get a mortgage gets someone else to call and tell us that there isn't anyway they can help us out. She leads us on about my mom and boyfriend coming in last Friday to sign paper work and because I told her on her answering machine on Monday that we needed to get things done within 1 months time. So, today I get a call not from her but someone else telling me that there isn't anyway they can help us out. What gets me is that they tell you one thing and because you ask them to help you to get all this done in 1 month or so they are like oh no we can't help you now. What the heck is going on there?? It doesn't make any sense to me.

Than it seems like so much is going on and on in our lives besides having to move. I can't believe what everyone wants from us and everyone is awhere of us having to move and no one wants to help us out but they want us to help them out with money and food and stuff and we have to have money to move. I just don't know what to do anymore. Do you say "NO" to them or do you help them out and than don't get any help in return and just keep giving out?

Rob had off today but he had to go to work to get them to straighten out his paycheck because they didn't put in for his sick time and we really need it because he had vacation time he had to use during his sickness. Thank goodness he had vacation time so he didn't lose any money. I don't know what we would have done if he didn't have any vacation time. We would not be eating or able to have any supplies for bathroom(toilet paper, shampoo, and soap). It is really hard with him being the soul provider in the family. Than he got bills from the doctor and imagining place that did xrays when he was sick. But he shouldn't got them because he has Coventry and some other insurance and it is suppose to be paying over 100% of his bills. So, he had to take that in as well. They said it has all ready been paid and don't know why they are sending him any bills. So, hopefully that will be worked out.

Well, I guess it is getting late and all so I guess I will sign off for now but you all take care and talk to you again tomorrow okay. I will be sure that I sign on to talk to you all more tomorrow okay. Love you all and many hugs and blessings!!! God bless you all! KAT :OD


Anonymous said...

You have to take care of yourself and your family, if other people want YOUR help just say you cant, you arent in a position to help right now.

I hope things get worked out for you guys soon! The economy is bad for all right now and its just a trying time. We'll get through it.

PurpleKatz said...

Thanks so much Nancy that is what I have been trying to say to everyone but they still keep trying to come up here and see if we have so money they can borrow or if we want to buy stuff off them. I think they just don't get the hint. Thanks again for everything and sorry I didn't comment sooner. Thanks so much! Talk to you soon and take care and many hugs and lots of love, KAT :OD