Friday, December 5, 2008

Sorry for not writing in a while

Sorry Everyone for not writing or being online in a while. I just have had so much going on in my life right now. Everything and anything you can think about is going on.

First my stepfather was rushed to the hospital on 11/18 and than me and rob have been so sick with bronchitis and pneumonia. My mom got a big scare from the doctor's. She has to go and have her breast fully diagnosed at the hospital but because she is on Medicaid she has to wait for the six month's to be up before they can do it again. She may have breast cancer but they can't rule it out until they do these other tests. Which really makes me so upset and mad. She can't have this done until March 2009 that will be the six months.

What else has been going on .. Oh well lets see my doggie has been sick and we had to take her to the vet. That was bad too and it cost us an arm and leg. Oh there just has been so much. Maybe I will be able to go on and on.

Oh yeah my grandmom finally got the divorce from my grandfather after 25 yrs together. She is still up here in Delaware. She come back around Oct. 4, 2008 and has been here since than but that was just to get the divorce finalized. She is leaving again on or right after Christmas if the divorce degree comes in or not. She is engaged to be remarried. Long story I know and it is not right I know but this is what she wants and no one is going to stop her. She is not my real grandmom but she is my stepfather's mom. I have always thought about her as my grandmom though.

Well, what else has been going on that I can write about? Well, if I think about it I will redo this okay. Take care and talk to you all soon. Thanks for everyone that has been really worried about me and I am totally sorry about all this. Take care and love you all. God bless and many hugs and love, KAT :OD


Missie said...

You have had a lot going on! Hope things start to look up.

Have a good weekend.

Joyce said...

I'm sorry things have been so bad for you Kat. I will pray for you that life improves and soon.
Hugs, Joyce