Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm Still ALIVE from Delaware!!!!!

WOW lets see I can't believe its been since July 2009 since I have posted anything at all. I am TOTALLY SORRY everyone!!!!

It has been a long drawn out process of getting moved into a NEW HOUSE, going through so much with my uncle and my parents and with hubby.

I didn't realize until yesterday (Sunday, March 8, 2010) just how much and how long it has been since I been on the blog and wrote anything. If it was not for a reader named Deb that Googled my name just to find my phone number and all and called me on the phone to see how I was doing I would have NEVER probably come back online for a while. I really NEVER thought someone would actually look me up and call me to find out just how I was doing because I have not had time to write on my blog. LOL! It really touched my heart more than ANYONE will every know or I can explain.

*****DEB*****You know who you are .... Thanks a million to for having such a BIG HEART and caring so much to take that EXTRA MILE to put your feelings out there and calling on me to just to see how I was doing. That truly touched me more than I can ever EXPRESS in a Million years.

WOW I am totally amazed at life in general. What have I been doing since July 2009 are probably asking. Lets see if I can make this into a short story and NOT a long book LOL!!!!

We finally got moved into a NEW place in Sept. 2009. After 7 months of going around with the NEW Mortgage company that we bought our NEW place with we finally finalized the settlement on the new place on January 2010.

Lets see my uncle whom still lives with us has had to go on Dialysis for his kidneys and he has been going down hill since they started that. He has lost 50 lbs in less than 6 months of starting the dialysis and his blood sugar & insulin levels have been going up and down so much. He has been so ill and in and out of the hospital so much that he just feels like giving up on life in GENERAL and we all try to help him to not give up. He can't hardly walk anymore and is going to have to start to use a walker because he has nerve damage from the diabetes in his left leg where they took the vein out of that leg when he had open heart back in 2006 I think that is when he had it. He had a 5 artery bypass than and they took veins from that leg to do the bypass. So he is NOT well at all and NEEDS so many prayers. His name is George. Please if you can pray for him everyday. I love him so much like my own father and I wish I could just take all the pain away from him.

Rob (hubby) has been sick off and on with bronchitis and pneumonia and has been diagnosed with starting of COPD and hopefully the inhalers he is on will help him and that the NEW meds they put him on for his anxieties and bipolar and smoking will help him to over come everything and will stop the COPD from getting any worse. He was born early in life and he had bad lungs from the start but his family still let him to begin to smoke early in life and I just pray every day that he can get the strength to go on and be able to stop smoking and that way he will be able to have a healthier and better life with me and my family.

Mom & Stepfather are doing okay but they have their good days and bad days but that is expected in life. My mom's back is bothering her but she don't care she keeps going on and on and taking care of everyone but herself. She is always taking care of her brother(Uncle George) and always taking care of my stepfather and me when Rob is not able to be here with me.

My real father and my stepmother are NO Longer together as of the first of January 2010. I just don't think my dad can handle any illnesses and all and I think that is why he left but he said it was other things but I know better. Will not get into that as of right now as that is a long story in itself LOL!

My grandma and her new husband are now living with us on our NEW Property as we have over 4.5 acres and if it was not for them we would not have the NEW property. I am very thankful for them and they are going to be living in their own home on the property but they are going to be helping me and my stepfather out to get better with our health's. We are going on a life change with our weights and eating habits. It is totally HARD but we have to do something because I want to LIVE and NOT DIE.

I am finally not depressed as much as I was before and I am very THANKFUL for everything I have each and everyday. I am very thankful for all my FRIENDS I have online and my family that is there supporting me in town here. I don't but 1 friend locally and I don't get to see him at all much and I thought he was a big brother to me but he is too busy with his life and so all I have is my ONLINE life and friends and family on there. LOL!!!

Thank you all again for taking the time to read all this and I will be posting some pictures of the NEW places one day this week and I would like to post some pics of all the SNOW we got this year WOW I can't believe how much SNOW we did get. LOL! SO much so fast and stayed so long LOL!

Well, take care and talk to you all again!!!! Thanks again DEB this post is for YOU!!!! God bless and many hugs and lots of love, KAT :D

Monday, July 20, 2009

Very Depressed - So many ups lately - Sorry!!!

Sorry I have not been around much lately there is so much drama in my life lately.

First my uncle (whom lives with me) has been in and out of the hospital again this month like 3 times and he almost died all them times. His blood sugar dropped to only 23 one time and 34 other and than his blood pressure dropped to 95/56 and pulse was only 60 the third time. He is suppose to be getting his body ready for dialysis and it seems like his body is not getting ready. He has had a horrible time because now he is sick with some kind of cold and has a horrible cough and is congested but the hospital is saying it is not pneumonia or bronchitis.

Than my stepfather was hospitalized last Monday, July 13, 2009 with chest pains and they thought he was having a heart attack because he has had 2 of them in the past when he was only 16 yrs old and 17 yrs old. So, they kept him until late Thursday, July 16, 2009. They couldn't find anything wrong with his heart or anything else and so they are ruling it severe panic attacks and gasterial infection.

Than yesterday stepfather's nephew was playing football and two guys collided with him and they slammed him down. So, he had to end up to the hospital because he couldn't see or breathe and they found out he has a punch hole in his lung and an air bubble by his heart. They flew him to a very special hospital to try to get all this fixed. So, my stepfather is really upset over that. We don't know what is going to happen there.

Like my stepfather is suppose to have any stress right. Well, than today we finally got served papers from the courthouse but we don't know what they are all about. We know they have to do with the house but we don't know if they are saying my stepfather has to go to court on a certain date or if they are saying we have to be out by a certain date. So, we have to try to find a lawyer or something to help us out with all this.

Than we thought we had a mortgage company that was going to take us on to get another place and they said "Oh yeah you can get at least $120,000 to $150,000" and they sent everything to underwriters and it come back today. And guess what "WE WERE DENIED". So, now I just don't know what to do anymore. I am just so depressed and I am going through one thing after another. I just have so much on me I just don't know if I am coming or going anymore.

I have to try to call all this stuff in for my uncle who is living with us. My mom is not feeling good at all either and she is having to take care of my stepfather. He is not able to do things for himself right now. And than my mom has to clean and cook for the whole house. It is just so much on us and we just don't know anymore. My mom's health is not good she has to go and get her foot xray because they foot doctor said something is wrong with her foot and heel. It is called something like Tendinisis or something. I am sorry I can't spell it.

Well, I am sorry I have not been on the computer at all in the past week. I have over 1000's of emails to try to read and I don't know if I am going to be able to do that because I am just so depressed. I thought I would share with you all what is going on in my life. I know you all have hard times too. I just thought I would share because maybe someone is going through the same thing I am and we can chat about it. Thanks again for reading and I hope you all have a great and blessed day. God bless each and everyone on here. Know I love you all and even though we have not met in person my heart is out there with you all. Take care and talk to you soon. Many hugs and lots of love, KAT :o(

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Just sitting home on a Saturday Night (BORED)

Hello and Good Evening Everyone! How is everyone doing? I hope fine!

Well, there has been some really sad stuff happening in the news lately. I just can't believe that Michael Jackson is dead at only 50 yrs old. He was my idol back in the day when I was growing up. I have his Thriller Album and several books of him when I was younger and I still have them. I even had his Off The Wall Album as well. But everything is packed up right now.

Than we have Farrah Fawcett who passed away as well. It is unbelievable that they passed away only a few hours from each other. It is remarkable and very weird.

What has been going on in my life lately? Well, it is just boring like normal. Very painful like normal as well. My leg is getting worse with the pain. I just don't know what is causing it. I don't eat or drink anything that has caffeine in it. I try to stay away from anything that has Citric Acid in it because I have gout too. So, I don't know why or what is causing this pain. It is from my lower back to my foot on my right side. My leg isn't swelled up so that is a plus but it still hurts really bad. Even just to get up to walk to the bathroom is killing me so much.

My birthday was on Monday, June 22 and I just turned 35 yrs old. I can't believe it. It was not a good day at all. Rob had to work until after 8pm and than my real dad and his ex girlfriend/Stepmom (whom he lives with) showed up and they started a fight and only stayed for 1 hour and that was it. I can't believe that they can't come around without starting anymore. He only stayed here for Father's Day only 2 hours and normally he stays longer but he didn't. That is what started the fight with my stepmom and him. Because my dad told her I didn't want her here for Father's Day and that was not it. He said he didn't want her here because she starts all the time. And it was his day and he didn't want her to be here. So, I said to him it was up to him if he wanted to bring her and all but we did have enough for her to come for dinner. So, that started it and my mom still sent her a plate for dinner and than all heck went off. So, than on my birthday the next day after Father's Day they come over and brought their drama over here and I just didn't want that on my special day. So, my dad decided to leave. No one got me a gift for my birthday. They all give me money. I didn't get much as they all didn't have much this year. The only thing I got which was my very EARLY gift from Rob and that was a BlackBerry Storm because he had to update phones in May and he got it for only $100 because we had to upgrade and they had a special. That is a kewl gift. I try to use it as much as I can. LOL! I am learning it and learning it as I am not familiar with it too much this is the first type of phone I have had that had all these features. LOL!

Other than that everything else has been boring and lonely and depressing lately. I just haven't been in a very good mood. I just don't know maybe it is because we are having to move. We did get Pre-Approved for up to $120,000 but we are trying to see if we can get someone else on the mortgage to see if we can get a little bit more for the place that we have found. So, keep your fingers crossed for us.

Well, I guess I will let you all go for now and I will try to get back on later or tomorrow okay. Take care and know that I am thinking about all of you all the time. Talk to you soon. Many hugs and lots of love, KAT :OD

Friday, June 19, 2009

Unbelievable more bad luck...

I really do believe that someone has a curse or bad luck is just hoovering over us all. LOL!

Just yesterday we had to call the ambulance on my uncle in which whom lives with us. Some reason his blood sugar dropped to only 33 and it is suppose to be between 120-140 at all times. He is on insulin so it really dropped to fast and he was unconscious more less and in and out of it. Me and my mom got scared and didn't know what to do because he would not wake up so we could try to get his blood sugar reading and to help him to get something in him to eat and drink. So, we just called the ambulance again. This is the 4 time in the past 3 months or more that it has done this. I have told his primary care doctor and his diabetic doctor too. See they are saying that he is going to have to go on dialysis soon. I really am not looking forward to that. It is bad enough I have to make his insulin needles up for him everyday and he is on 4 of them a day. He can't do it for himself because he can't see good for one and than he would over dose himself because he did that before when he first started taking the insulin that is why I started to do them for him.

That is why I have not been online since the other day. Plus, I am trying to find a mortgage company that will not lie to us and tell us one thing and than go and do something else.

I appreciate all the prayers and thoughts that are being said for us. We all really need lots of prayers for everyone. That is why I pray for you all as well.

Well, Monday, June 22, 2009 I will be officially "35" yrs old and I feel like I have not accomplished anything in my life at all. I feel like that failure my real father always said I would be. I can't believe my birthday will be here so fast. I am not able to go and do anything and don't have any money to do anything even if I wanted too.

Well, I hope you all have a great "FATHER'S DAY" and hope that you get to spend it with your fathers. Take care of yourselves and hopefully I will be back online later or tomorrow okay. I know I will not be online at all Sunday or Monday unless I get lonely okay. Well, you all be good and know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers always and forever!!

God bless you all and many hugs and lots of love, KAT :OD

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another Bummed Out Day in Delaware!!!

I am very upset and down and out yet again today.

First off last night I didn't sleep well because I was up all night with muscle cramps in both my legs. They were so severe that I fell out of the bed trying to get them to stop cramping up. I am taking Potassium pills and Vitamin E everyday. I am eating vegetables and very light salt here and there but I am still getting the leg cramps. Well, that started my day off.

Than my stepfather was calling and calling me on the phone all morning wanting me to get up. Well, I didn't feel good because of being up all night so I didn't want to get up but he kept calling me. So, finally I got up at around 1pm today. I know I am so bad but what can you do if you don't get to sleep after 5am in the morning with all the cramps.

Anyway, when I got up I heard the phone ringing this morning but I just let it go to the answering machine well, because I did the lady that was trying to help us to get a mortgage gets someone else to call and tell us that there isn't anyway they can help us out. She leads us on about my mom and boyfriend coming in last Friday to sign paper work and because I told her on her answering machine on Monday that we needed to get things done within 1 months time. So, today I get a call not from her but someone else telling me that there isn't anyway they can help us out. What gets me is that they tell you one thing and because you ask them to help you to get all this done in 1 month or so they are like oh no we can't help you now. What the heck is going on there?? It doesn't make any sense to me.

Than it seems like so much is going on and on in our lives besides having to move. I can't believe what everyone wants from us and everyone is awhere of us having to move and no one wants to help us out but they want us to help them out with money and food and stuff and we have to have money to move. I just don't know what to do anymore. Do you say "NO" to them or do you help them out and than don't get any help in return and just keep giving out?

Rob had off today but he had to go to work to get them to straighten out his paycheck because they didn't put in for his sick time and we really need it because he had vacation time he had to use during his sickness. Thank goodness he had vacation time so he didn't lose any money. I don't know what we would have done if he didn't have any vacation time. We would not be eating or able to have any supplies for bathroom(toilet paper, shampoo, and soap). It is really hard with him being the soul provider in the family. Than he got bills from the doctor and imagining place that did xrays when he was sick. But he shouldn't got them because he has Coventry and some other insurance and it is suppose to be paying over 100% of his bills. So, he had to take that in as well. They said it has all ready been paid and don't know why they are sending him any bills. So, hopefully that will be worked out.

Well, I guess it is getting late and all so I guess I will sign off for now but you all take care and talk to you again tomorrow okay. I will be sure that I sign on to talk to you all more tomorrow okay. Love you all and many hugs and blessings!!! God bless you all! KAT :OD

Monday, June 15, 2009

WOW! I can't believe how long it's been...

WOW I am so sorry for not getting online sooner but it has been a very rough couple of months here.

We are still looking for a place to live. We are still in the same house but we have only until July 18, 2009 to be out. The bank is offering us a thing called "Cash for Keys" and if we offer the house up free and clean and no damage they will offer us some $$$ for the keys.

Rob has been out of work for the past 3 weeks before last week. He finally went back to work on June 1, 2009. He had walking Pneumonia and starting stages of COPD. I got really upset and with all the stress of everything that has been going on I got sick with Pneumonia and Bronchitis.

I just don't know what to do or where to turn sometimes. But I have been looking up to GOD so much lately. I have been praying more and more lately.

I thank you all for standing by me in my time of need. Please forgive me so much for taking so long to get back on the computer. I hope you all will understand.

Thank you again for everything and hope to be emailing you and chatting with you all again on here. I will try to do everything on here again everyday and hope I can stay on here at least once a week if not longer.

Well, you all take care and I will talk with you all again tomorrow. Thanks again for taking the time to read. And please forgive me for not writing sooner. I know it has been so long. We have had to do so much!!! Thanks! God bless and many hugs and love, KAT :OD

Friday, March 27, 2009


Thank you all so much for all the prayers got some really GOOD news. I should say "GREAT" news. My mom's test results come back and the paper said that there was "NO SIGNIFICANT ABNORMALITIES" that were detected in the testings.

As I am taking this as good news but I could be wrong. The doctor has not gotten the records himself to tell her but this is the letter she got from the hospital where she had to go. We got this letter today. We are so happy and relieved on this.

Thank you all so much for all the wonderful and kind words of support, prayers and everything else you all have been giving us all. It really means the world to me.

I wish I could do something for each and everyone of you but I don't know what I could do without any money or anyway of showing you how much I care. I am going to try to do some designs this week and I will post them here for you all to take a pick at them if you like. OK!

Just wanted to get online and let you all know what is going on. Thanks again and if I did take this letter wrong please let me know. God bless you always forever!!!! Keep the faith and keep up all the good work you all are done. Many hugs and lots of love, KAT :OD